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2 Bottles of BBQ Sauce
Surprise someone you love with an award winning bottle of True Southern Smoke BBQ Southern Style or Smoky Gold​!

Jeff Brown,



Jeff Brown is the owner of True Southern Smoke BBQ, founded in 2013. After serving 21 years in the world’s greatest Navy working as a Chief Logistic Specialist, he received a Bachelor of Art in Business Administration specializing in Logistics from Saint Leo University in 2013.


His passion for mastering the art of smoking meat began in his own back yard in Alabama. While stationed in California he continued to perfect his skills while often cooking for his shipmates in the barracks. It wasn’t until he moved to Hampton Roads of Virginia that he realized that he was a true pit master, entering his first bbq competition and placing in the Chesapeake Jubilee.


Upon his retirement from the Navy in 2013, True Southern Smoke BBQ was founded as a simple means of relaxing and the joy of putting a smile on others face. Soon, JB went from serving smoked meat in the Advanced Auto Parts parking lot to catering weddings, retirements and pool parties with the famous True Southern Smoke slogan, “IF YOU’RE NOT COOKING WITH SMOKE, YOU’RE JUST BAKING, ” which was given to him by one of his closest friends.


Today, True Southern Smoke BBQ has grown from not just catering events and entering competition to now tantalizing everyone with its True Southern Smoke BBQ Southern Style and Smoky Gold BBQ sauces. Demand for his sauces extends from the East Coast, West Coast, Mid-west, Down South, Hawaii, and all the way to Diego Garcia.

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